Donald Trump’s Double Chin Memes


    Apparently, Donald Trump does not seem to be happy about his double chin. At least I had never noticed that he had a double chin. But in the past 24 hours Donald Trump’s double chin has got immense popularity on the internet.

    According to reports, recently President Trump has held a meeting with many big media houses and TV hosts. Trump did this to project his concerns to them, about his negative portrayal on social media (which he is trying hard to get rid of).

    With all other complaints, trump also mentioned his concerns about snapping his unflattering pictures including the weirdly angled pics of Donald Trump’s double chin. Though Trump was expecting something positive for him. But here is what social media has stored for him.

    In the past, we have been seeing many funny memes of Trump. But Reddit has displayed a series of funny memes about Donald Trump’s double chin. Though this act is being criticized by many social circles especially, the followers of Trump would not be happy with it. But the major excuse, we have been listening to, is about the freedom of expression in United States. Here are a few Donald Trump memes, compiled in the gallery below.