Cygnett UFO Supercharger A Multiple Device Charger


Cygnett UFO Supercharger is a multiple device charger that can charge five devices with just one power socket in less time with adequate amount of power required by the chargeable device. As the name of this gadget shows, its a disk-like shaped supercharger that is why named as UFO charger.

The best thing about this gadget is its five USB ports that means it can charge up-to five devices at a time. So you do not have to look for five USB ports in your home, you have them all together in this sleek and shiny multiple device super charger. Its has a 5.0A output that intelligently recognizes fast charging supportive devices and provide power accordingly.

Charging five devices at a time may effect the performance but otherwise its great to use specially while traveling you can have it with you and no need to worry about charging your mobile, iPad or smart watch.The Real World Image | Cygnett UFO Supercharger

There is a blue LED light on the base of supercharger to indicate that every thing is functioning properly. Though the light is quite bright and enough to lighten up your room in the night.

Cygnett UFO supercharger is available in black and white colors. This multiple device charger is just  $40 in US and £30 in UK which is quite reasonable keeping its performance in mind. You can buy this product online too.