Creepy Dolls Island in Mexico


The creepy dolls island is in the canals of Xochimico near Mexico City. From years it has been claimed as the most haunted place.There is no doubt in it because world known ghost busters of the most popular show Destination Truth has also visited the place and returned with solid proofs of paranormal activity in dolls island. Lets have a glimpse of the dolls island Mexico.

It is a tragic story of a poor little girl who was drowned in the canal there. It is said that the poor little girl used to hear some sort of musical sounds from that area and was fascinated about it. One day playing with her friends she was accidentally drowned in that very canal where she used to hear the music. It is said that a man named Don Julian Santana,who was a hermit and the the only inhabitant of the island found the dead body of the girl and after a few days he again found that girl’s doll from the same canal. The old man was so haunted and grieved by that little girl’s death that he hung that doll on the tree so that the soul of that girl get pleasure and relief.

Don Julian Santana explained that he found all the existing dolls in that area some in the river and some in the garbage. His purpose of picking them and hanging them was simply to give calm to that girl’s spirit and give the haunted island protection from further evil happenings. Soon that man was so appealed by the presence of the dolls that he used to sell his fruits and vegetables and used to buy dolls in return. Here is a video clip having Don Julian Santana explaining all about dolls before his death.

Some people believed that the old man was mad and imagined those dolls to be the real children and it was all his made up story. But later on his family confirmed the truth behind the whole incident. And assured that the place was haunted. The story took another stunning turn when Julian drowned at the island on April 17th, 2001 the same way as the little girl died. It is said that after Santana, the dolls have taken over the island.

Here is the video of the TV show Truth Destination. Look for yourself what they experienced and found there.

Though the place was never popular among the tourists but after Santana’s death it got some recognition and people who love adventure and creepy sensation, do visit this dolls island. Now Santana’s family takes care of the pace with the donations given by the tourists. There is no kind of facility like electricity, running water for the visitors. But mobiles some times get signals there as Xochimilco is in the limits of Mexico city’s Federal District.