Celebrities with Strange Phobias


    Fear is a common thing among humans.Many people have different fears even celebrities and famous people are not an exception. Here is the list of some strange fears faced by famous celebrities.

    Fear of Cats

    This fear is named as Ailurophobia and many famous people in our world’s history, have faced this fear, like Augustus Caesar, Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, French General Napoleon Bonaparte, King Henry III of France and Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini.

    The Real World Image | benito mussolin

    Fear of spiders

    This phobia is known as Arachnophobia.Famous celebrities like  Wendy Richard, TV Comedian Phil Jupitus and Tennis star Andre Agassi have this fear.The Real World Image | Andre Agassi

    Fear of Flying

    Fear of flying,also known as Aerophobia. Singer Aretha Franklin, actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Curtis, Bob Newhart and actresses like Cher, Florence Henderson, Glenda Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg, Science Fiction Author Ray Bradbury, Former US President Ronald Regan and Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali have suffered this fear.The Real World Image | Whoopi Goldberg


    Fear of Public Place

    Going in front of public can also be a phobia,medically known as Agoraphobia. Stars like Kim Basinger, singer Aretha Franklin have this fear.The Real World Image | Kim Basinger

    Fear of Thunder

    This fear is popularly known as Brontophobia. In this phobia the person feels fear of the loudness of thunder. Famous singer Madonna has this fear.The Real World Image | Madonna

    Fear of Mirrors

    Pamela Anderson has this fear also known as Eisoptrophobia .The Real World Image | Pamela Anderso


    Fear of Insects

    Entomophobia or fear of insects is faced by famous director Steven Spielberg.The Real World Image | Steven Spielberg


    Fear of crowds

    Enochlophia is a condition in which people feel terrified in crowdy places. Actress Betty Grable and actor Robert Mitchum have this fear.

    The Real World Image | Robert Mitchum


    Fear of clowns

    Medically known as Coulrophobia, Johnny Depp and and Daniel Radcliffe have the symptoms of this fear.The Real World Image | Johnny Depp


    Fear of butterflies

    Nicole Kidman has this fear known as Lepidopterophobia.The Real World Image | Nicole Kidman


    Fear of germs

    In medical terms,this fear is known as Verminophobia. And Actress Joan Crawford and Millionaire Howard Hughes have this fear.  Singer Michael Jackson had this fear too.The Real World Image | Joan Crawford