Celebrate Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day 2017


    Summer is here finally and what could be the best thing about summer than having a lot of ice cream to eat. And nothing could double the joy except when you get it for free. YES! I am gonna have free ice cream today, so do you. Wanna know how? Today 4th April is Ben & Jerry’s free Cone Day. The Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream chain celebrates this day each year. This year too marks this very special day for all the crazy fans of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

    Do you Want Ben & Jerry’s Free ice cream Scoop?

    If you too want a free scoop of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, get all the info about your closest ice cream shops participating in this annual event and get as many free scoops of your favorite ice cream flavors, as you want. We are not saying that, it’s what the official website of Ben & Jerry has to say, “Over and over again. We’re not counting. Really, go for it,”. Remember to follow the given time limit i.e. 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. And you are also supposed to observe the participating branches only. Check out here to know your closest Ben & Jerry’s shop.

    The Best Flavors include…

    Check out here what yummy flavors are queued by Ben & Jerry’s today. The most loved flavors are—cherry Garcia, roasted pecans, chunky monkey, Truffle Kerfuffle, Frozen Flakes, fudge flakes, vanilla ice cream and many more. Go and check yourself.


    Historical Background

    It’s a tradition of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream manufacturers to celebrate this free ice cream day. It was first celebrated in 1979, after one year of the launching of the company. And the tradition is going on since then. The company is ambitious to give away about 1 million free scoops today. Are you ready? [Find here: Tips to Gain Wait, if you are a Skinny Person]