Bogoslof Volcano Eruption 2017 Issues Highest Aviation Warning


    Bogoslof volcano have been active since last six months. It has been on scientists’’ radar since December 2016. It finally erupted on Sunday May 28, leaving huge plumes of smoke (about 35,000 feet high) along with amazing greyish-white mushroom cloud formation over it. Located in the Aleutian Islands, the volcanic eruption took place on Sunday at 2:16 p.m.

    The duration of Bogoslof volcano eruption was about 55 minutes long. Keeping in view the intensity of eruption, Alaska Volcano Observatory had to issue highest aviation alert. They raised the alert rate to RED, that is considered the highest of all.

    All the airlines traveling between Asia and North America are issued the warning. The ashes from volcano can really damage the flying process of airplanes, particularly the jet planes. According to experts, ash could actually stop the engine of the jet plane while flying.

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    But now the threat level is decreased to ORANGE. Here is what the agency had to say in a statement about Bogoslof Volcano eruption level;

    “We are therefore lowering the Aviation Color Code to ORANGE and the Alert Level to WATCH… “Additional ash-producing eruptions could occur at any time, however, with no detectable precursors.”