Bobcat Attacks Woman in Sunapee New Hampshire


Elsie Dabrowski, an 80 years old woman was brutally attacked by a rabid bobcat in Sunapee. She had nothing but a sickle to defend herself. The old lady was in her Sunapee house in New Hampshire; while weeding in the evening, a bobcat leaped over her. Read on next to find what happened.

As Elsie Dabrowski was having a tough time with the maniac bobcat, she was soon joined by her five dogs. Dogs tried hard to confront the mad beast. Fortunately, the adult son of the Elsie rushed out with a gun in his hand and opened fire on the wild cat.

bobcat attack
source: wcsh6

The attacker was already ill and rabies-positive. For the health and safety of the whole family, the old woman, her son and all five dogs were given rabies shots. On observing the bobcat closely, it had several porcupine quills on its face that shows it had a fight with a porcupine earlier.

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How is Elsie Dabrowski Now?

The 80 years old Elsie had to undergo 60 stitches on her face. She had major cuts on her back, arm and face. When she was asked, how she was feeling in that terrible moment? This is what she had to say; She had some idea that hunger was the main reason of this wild cat attacking her. But she still thought; “why is this stupid cat attacking me?” This is not the first time that she has been confronted with some bobcat or wild beast, she had already confronted animals like, bear, coyotes and moose.