Be Ready to Explore Yellowstone National Park for Free!


    This weekend has brought some good news for all the adventure lovers. It’s not going to be a regular week, this week we are celebrating the ‘national parks week’. National park week is organized to celebrate the natural places and national parks in America. Hmmm! So, what’s so special about it? if that is what you are thinking, these are free national park days. You can visit your favorite parks like Yellowstone National Park, Organ Pipe in south to Grand Canyon Park. Read more to know more about it.

    This offer of national parks week is not for the first time. We have observed this activity earlier too for all rocky mountain national park. The parks are going to be crowdy and filled with visitors. And this weekend we are also observing Easter Sunday, so this might be more enjoyable. What Say?

    This is what Andy Fisher, chief of interpretation at Saguaro National Park, has to say on this special occasion of national parks week;

    “We’ll have extra volunteers usually on hand to help with some of those crowds,” she said, “but if you’re coming in, especially on the east district, be a little patient with us as we get folks moving through that line.”

    So, from Saturday, April 15 to Sunday, April 23, all the national parks are freely opened for all of you to visit. I am going to go for Yellowstone national park, I just love to explore wolves in Yellowstone!!!! What Rocky Mountains are you going to visit? [Read here: What’s special about Death Valley National Park]