Baba Vanga Life And Prophecies Still A Mystery


Baba Vanga was a blind Bulgarian mystic and herbalist woman. Throughout her life Baba Vanga had foretold a lot of prophecies and predictions. Like Nostradamus, Vanga Baba is also world famous in regard to her ability to predict the future. It is said that 80% of Baba Vanga’s predictions came true but there are some that never happened. She had a great follwership. People in and outside of Bulgharia used to come to her in quest of the solutions to their problems. Whole life of Baba Vanga is filled with strange incidents.

Lets take a glimpse of the background of her life. Baba Vanga’s real name was Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova. She was born as a premature baby. There were very less chances of her survival as a newly born. But she survived. She had blue eyes (not blind by birth) and golden hair.

Since her childhood she was interested in herbalist and healing  techniques. It is said that once she was taken away by a tornado and lost. Later she was found far away in the fields. Her eyes were severely damaged by dirt and mud in the tornado. This was the time when Baba Vanga got blind.

Baba Vanga claimed to have contacts with supernatural creatures that help her in making predictions and prophecies. She is said to have the ability of talking to the dead ones. Lot of helpless people came to her to inquire about their lost relatives during world war 2.

She has made a lot of predictions and prophecies about people, earth and this whole universe. Though she was illiterate and could not write because of her blindness but her followers and people around her used to write whatever she prophesied. Here are some of her most famous and noteworthy claims or predictions.

What Vanga Said about ALIENS

Mystic Lady Vanga claimed about aliens that they have been living on our planet since ages. These aliens have come from Vamfim i.e third planet from earth.

Vanga about 9/11 Attatcks

Mystic lady Vanga had predicted the 9/11 terror attack as she said that steel birds will collapse the buildings.

Vanga about Barack Obama

In her life she made it clear that 44th president of USA will be an African American. His reign and power would bring a lot of trouble to US.

Vanga about 2004 Tsunami

She had also predicted that deadly and horrifying tsunami of 2004. In her words a huge wave of water would engulf all.

Rise of ISIS Predicted by Vanga

She once predicted that Muslims would invade Europe and make their Caliphate around 2043. So some conspiracy theorists linked it to ISIS.

Vanga’s Prediction about her Death

Lady Vanga predicted in her life that she would die on 11 August and will be buried on 13 of August. And she actually died on 11 August 1996.

Beside these, there are many other prophecies for the years ahead that we can’t say are going to happen or not. But some of her followers say that many of the prophecies linked to her name on the internet are not actually made by her. She died in 1996. And a few days before her death, she foretold that after her all her powers will be inherited to a blind girl living somewhere in France. And people will know about her soon.