Amazing Balanced Rocks Around the Globe


Following are the world’s most amazing and unbelievable balanced rocks that are standing on difficult sharp rear places and are still balanced. No camera trick is involved here. All the balanced rocks are actually there. You can travel there and experience the magic yourself.

1. Idol Rock, Brimham Moor, North Yorkshire, UK

These are stakes of scattered stones lying randomly in Brimham Moor area, North York shire, UK. It is amazing to see that pyramidal shaped stones bearing heavy weight balanced rocks of about 200 tones. This beautiful, astounding and majestic sight is so terrific that you will totally amaze to see it.


 2. Balancing Rock, Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

This balanced rock is standing horizontally on Nova Scotia in Canada. It is 30 feet high and most amazing thing about this rock is that more than 50% rock is standing in air with out any support. Its one of the most amazing balanced rocks around the world.

balanced rocks
Balancing Rock Nova Scotia

3. Balanced Rock Colorado

This huge rock is staying without any support at the Pike Peak in Colorado. This balanced rock is situated near a road and the scene looks beautiful as the road is in between landscapes. This sight is interesting and stunning to be seen and you can stand beneath this rock undaunted.

balanced rocks
Balanced Rock Colorado

4. El Torcal de Antequera, Andalucia, Spain

This stone tower is made up of horizontal patterned stones. It is tall and old staked sheer rock that is placed flawlessly in air and attracts people attention through out the world.

balanced rocks
El Torcal de Antequera

5. Kjeragbolten, Norway

This balanced rock has dimensions of 5 square meters and is placed between 2 huge gigantic mountains. It is present 1000 meters above the ground and is lying in the air, with out any support. You can easily stand on it but don’t look down while climbing on it.

balanced rocks
Kjeragbolten, Norway

6. Peyro Clavado, Sidobre, France

This weird rock is also named as Nailed Rock and it is situated in Languedoc, France. Texture of this rock is made up of granite and the formation has taken millions of years. Its weight is 780 tons. This is really one of a worth seeing balanced rocks.

balanced rocks
Peyro Clavado, Sidobre, France

7. Mushroom Rocks, Kansas, USA

The rock is situated in Mushroom Rock State Park; Kansas. As the name tells that this rock has a shape of mushroom and these balanced rocks are here from older times. These rocks are so brilliantly made and balanced that the whole scene put the viewers feel like as a cartoon character of Papa Smurf.

balanced rocks
Mushroom Rock Kansas

8. Chiremba Balancing Rocks, Epworth, Zimbabwe

These weathered stones that are shaped up by winds and weather. These balanced rocks are located in Zimbabwe.

balanced rocks
Balanced Rock Zimbabwe

9. Mexican Hat Rock, Utah, USA

Is only rock that is situated near Monument Valley of south-central San Juan County, Utah. This huge balanced rock is 60 feet wide and 12 feet thick. This rock has unique red color that adds to its beauty. But the archaeologists believe that the supporting rock below the cap will blow up soon so rush there to see it before you loose this amazing sight forever.

balanced rocks
Mexican Hat Rock USA