Alaskan Sea Monster Mystery Baffles the World


Another footage of a mysterious sea creature has lately hit the web. Like all the ones appeared earlier, we have a little chance this time, to announce it as hoax or fake! Yeah!!! you really can’t. For the simple reason, the video of the Alaskan sea monster is actually released and verified by the US government.

The mysterious creature of about 12 to 15 ft in length, wading through the water is filmed by BLM (Govt’s Bureau of Land Management). You can see in the video that the sea monster is floating in the icy water of Chena river in Alaska.

According to BLM, even they are not sure about the truth of this Alaskan sea monster. And they have freed the audience to watch the video and decide about the reality of the creature. The footage has gained immense attention all across the world and a lot of hits have been received on the latest controversial footage.

Craig McCaa is the man behind the making of this video. He narrated this whole filming experience quite shocking. To his surprise, people’s reaction was more fascinating. Which he describes in these words, “how strongly the mysteries of the natural world capture our imagination”. He further said,

“I initially thought, and several people thought, it could be some rope that snagged on the bottom of the river with chunks of ice. Other people have mentioned everything from a sea monster to a giant sturgeon.”

Most interesting part of the whole story is that many viewers are calling this mysterious Alaskan sea monster to be the distant cousin of the historically famous LOCH NESS MONSTER. What do you think? You can share your thoughts with us.

Legendary Loch Ness Monster

Another school of thought (that I found really hilarious) is of the belief that it’s no living creature but a mere piece of rope, wading in the moving currents of water. Now, I personally would never agree with that. Do watch the video here and decide for yourself.