Air India Plane Returned After A Rat Spotted On Board


A rat in an airplane running here and there just like the Jerry mouse. Seems like some funny story or movie clip. But its a real news. The Air India plane that was heading towards London from Mumbai airport had reportedly made an emergency return when some passenger complained to have seen a rat in the Air India flight. It was flying over Iran at that time.

The pilot of Air India plane was obliged to make a safe return to spot the rat. Rat in the plane was considered a serious threat as it could have damaged the equipment and chewed the wires. The flight landed safely and passengers embarked the other flight to London.

There is no sign of rat until now. the authorities at the airport have confirmed that the plane would remain grounded until its cleared completely. In the past too, we have heard such news about Air India when a cow and a dog were spotted on the runway as the flight was about to takeoff.