Worst Dressed Celebrities in Grammy Awards 2017


    Whenever we talk of award season, the few things that come to mind are fashion, style and glamourous celebrities walking down the red carpet. Recently, we all enjoyed the biggest music night of the year, the Grammy Music Award 2017.  Where on one hand we were delighted by the most well dressed and stylish celebs, there were some weirdest creatures being spotted on the red carpet. I don’t know who designed their dresses. I think they must have done it themselves. It could not be some designer’s creation. No ways. Let’s have a look at the most interesting appearances made by some famous names of the music world.

    1.CeeLo Green

    In a monochromatic metallic gold look, CeeLo was looking like some character from the TV series, The Lost World. Maybe he opted for this ensemble to look like a Grammy, himself (that was cheap).


    1. Jacqueline Van Bierk

    As a music admirer, she must have had a lot of CDs back at home. The idea that hit her mind was, why to spend so much on getting the dress embellished with an intricate sequined detailing. Utilizing the CDs is the best option for showing up in Grammy. And here is the final look.


    1. Lady Gaga

    Hmm! That biker’s-inspired dress is more like a porcupine. What do you say. And those sky-high knee boots, how someone can walk in them. Goshh!!!!



    Ohhh!!! Feeling a bit shocked of her monochromatic blue silk suit. Even that open shirt and loose breasts could not add a sex appeal to her. Not for me at least. [Read here: Remembering the Celebs we Lost in 2016.]


    1. Girl Crush

    Don’t get mistaken. She is not candy crush. She is girl crush.


    1. Twenty-One Pilots

    They all appeared on stage without pants. I don’t know what they had on their minds. Why they opted for this incomplete outfit for joining the stage of Grammy awards 2017.