Wonder Women: Best of Gal Gadot Till Date


    Directed by Patty Jenkins, this latest flick by DC extended universe is different in many ways from several other superhero movies we have seen earlier. The movie stars Gal Gadot in title role (wonder Woman) and Chris Pines, who is playing a US spy. The film is set in the horrific era of world war I. Let’s find out a few more interesting facts about Wonder Woman.

    Some Interesting Facts

    • Though set in the world war I background, the movie revolves around the super woman’s story.
    • Gal Gadot is playing a young Amazonian Princess in the film.
    • She along with her tribe (Amazons) live on the secret island of Themyscira.
    • Gadot is playing a warrior princess who is being trained to fight the mighty gods of wars like Ares.
    • She owns some mysterious super powers as well.
    • Accidental entry of Steve Trevor, a US spy, on that remote island drops that apparent curtain between the two worlds.
    • Knowing about the intensity of World War I, Wonder Woman decides to set out to this outer world to fight the war mongers. Ultimately, Steve and his team is led by the aggressive yet innocent Wonder Woman.
    • The movie is not just about action sequences. You will have several light and candid moments, even romance is beautifully filmed.
    • As reports suggest, Wonder woman is going to face a ban in Lebanon. Lebanon government is seeking the ban as the lead actresses, Gal Gadot is an Israeli.

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    How she helps Steve in that hard phase and what happens in the outer world, to know that you must watch the movie in your nearest cinemas on June 2 (in US). Wonder Woman is surely going to set a new precedent for female oriented superhero movies. It has everything that a cinema goer expects—action, humor, romance and above all perfect costumes and special effects. Watch the trailer and enjoy.