Why We Celebrate National Donut Day?


    National food holidays are getting quite popular. Just like the National Cherry Popsicle Day that is observed on 26th August, national donut day is another recognized event. It is not like any other food holiday, there is great history behind this special day. Friday 2 June is the day to eat and enjoy more and more doughnuts (on this particular day, forget about the calories).

    What is the History behind Celebrating National Doughnut day?

    It was started back in 1938 by the Salvation army. They declared the first Friday of June as the national donut day. And now this day has become a trend. Why Salvation army did so? This day is linked to the brave warriors of World War 1 or the Salvation army fighting on the extreme frontlines. As the soldiers had no food, lassies and brave women were given the task of providing food (donuts, coffee, baked food) to these fighters fighting on the front. These brave ladies were given the name of ‘Doughnut Girls’. Each year, these brave ladies are remembered and their courage is celebrated on this special day ‘national donut day’.

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    Where to Get the Best Donut Deals?

    Wegmans have prepared 10 new flavors for this occasion only. Check them out tomorrow. You will not get them after that.

    Buy a Beverage from Dunkin Donuts and get a free doughnut with it. Only on Friday 2 June.

    Checkout Boxcar for yummy Doughnut Chicken Sandwich on this special day.

    Misfit Vegan Donuts have something really special for their first 50 buyers. They would give a free mini glazed doughnut to the first 50 customers only on the eve of National Donut day. That’s a good deal!