Westminster Dog Show 2018: Flynn the Bichon Frise Wins the Contest

Flynn the Bichon Frise
image source: fox news

Flynn the Bichon Frise is not an ordinary canine—this cloud-like white furry sidekick has just won the world-famous Westminster Dog Show 2018. The pup is just adorable. Read on to know more about Kennel Club Dog show.

It was the 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year. This national dog show has been entertaining the world since 1877—a wonderful platform that brings a passel of dog species for dog lovers.  Held on Tuesday night 13 Feb, about 202 dog species participated in the contest but this 5 years old fizz ball stole the show.

Handled by Bill McFadden, handler himself seemed quite surprised at the win. Bill McFadden expresses his views;

“It feels a little unreal, I came in expecting nothing and just hoping for a good performance and I think I got it.”

Check out a few images of this cute and huggable pup Flynn the Bichon Frise.


Flynn the Bichon Frise
image source: nytimes
Flynn the Bichon Frise
image source: The Atlantic


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