Weird Virgin Mary Image Appeared on Church Window Pane


It was this Christmas day, something weird happened in the Catholic Church in Marietta, Georgia. Apparently a strange Virgin Mary image appeared on the window pane of the Church. That Virgin Mary image kept the people in the Marietta Church captivated and busy in snapping pictures and making video.

Many people are speculating it to be the result of condensation and nothing else. Many blogs are asking for public opinions on it and mostly people are sure that its condensation or faulty window coating.

To pastor, it was the “divine occurrence”. Father Bernardo Molina is quite convinced that it was the real Virgin Mary as it has also happened on 12 December 2015. He further said,

“There are a lot of people that may think it’s a stain or condensation.”They ask if I drew it.”No, no, no.”There’s no way you can do that.”