Weird Potash Evaporation Ponds in American Desert


    Whenever we talk of deserts, all that hits our minds is a far-fetched sandy area. There is nothing but the color of sand. The same sandy hues are what we can see continuously, all across the deserts. If you’d talk of a desert with some colorful elements in it, others would hardly believe you on that. But this time when you would say that, others would have to believe it. Potash Evaporation Ponds are a weird phenomenon in the desert of Utah in America. Read on to find more facts about it.

    These are electric blue Potash Evaporation Ponds that seems fantastically unbelievable from a specific height. Though created in an unnatural way, but still their striking contrast with the burnt red land surrounding it, gives a stunning view to eyes. [Read here: Death Valley National Park in Super Bloom]

    What are These Potassium Evaporation Ponds?

    Potassium is a much-needed mineral for plants as well as for medicinal use. To fulfill the requirements of potassium, these are artificially created potash ponds. The location of these potash evaporation ponds lies near to the natural potassium salt mines. The salt is mined from there and then left in the artificially-made ponds for final evaporation process. This whole procedure of evaporation takes about 300 days. The water is evaporated and all that is left behind are the potassium crystals. [Read here: Rushton Triangular Lodge in England]

    What the Secret Behind the Turquoise Color?

    It’s a dye that is added in the potash evaporation ponds on purpose. This particular shade helps in the absorption of sunlight and also aids the whole evaporation process.