Weird And Interesting Places of the World


There are many places that have interesting facts attached to them. But most of us don’t know about them. Here we are sharing some of such interesting places with our readers that really are wonderful and have some shocking history related to them.

Crying Rock

In the junction of France and Spain,there is a mountain range called Pyrenees. It is said that there is a piece of 30 meters high rock that actually cries.This is called the Crying Rock. It is said that it sounds like a cry of a girl. And the tourists from all over the world come here to hear this wonder. No one could explain its reason. And geologists have their own explanation. According to them, this rock expands when heated during the day and contracts when cooled in the night. In this way, it can produce sound. Really strange. Only God knows the truth.


Never-bend Nation

This fact file is about a nation with extraordinary self-respect. It’s about the people of Martinique in Latin America. These people never bend down literally. Even they don’t think it right to bow down to pick their most precious possession. They all use a bamboo clip to pick their dropped thing.This strange habit has also a history. The story goes back to 1635, when Martinique was invaded by French soldiers. They behaved very roughly and humiliated them a lot. It was then that a hero of this nation not only hit an invader but also announced that ” we will keep stand up and never bend down.” It was right after that day that people of this city stopped bending in any case. That’s interestingly strange.

Another strange city stroke by a plague about thousand years ago. People of the whole tribe were dying one after another.They used to live in the houses shaped like pillboxes.They used to wait for their death sitting in their house. It is said that even today all those corpses are not decomposed and are in the posture as they were, when they were alive. This city is said to be near Kama Dayton iceberg  in the Caucasus Mountains of former Soviet Union.
Accident Black Place

It is a spot near Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Here is a cursed place that is known for frequent accidents happening there. No one could determine why the drivers feel dizzy and out of control here and get caught by accidents. Because of so many accidents here, this place is named Bermuda on Land.

Women-only City
Guys!there is a city in Sweden, named Chako Paul City.The interesting thing about it is that only women are residing here and no man is permitted to come here. In the Chako Paul City, there is the population of around 25000 women belonging to various places of Europe. Even the administration of the city is run by women and if any men try to enter here, they would be beaten down by these lady police officers.The main profession of the people living here is working in the forest industry.There are many hotels and restaurants here for the women tourists from all over the world.