Tuscany, Italy: A Travel Guide


    Why is Tuscany a rocking destination? Why so many tourist explore this picturesque land so eagerly? Its a versatile travel destination where you will find all from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, farmhouses, art work, well-constructed castles and lush green landscape. Travelers who love to explore nature, heritage, historical sites at a single place, must plan a visit to Tuscany, Italy. Here is a comprehensive travel guide to Tuscany. Tuscany is a depository of great and historical artwork for the whole world. You will find all the pillars of art like sculptures, paintings, fresco, great architecture etc. For any art lover its a must-seen destination. Each city of Tuscany has something fascinating for art admirers.

    Best Cities of Tuscany

    Located in central Italy, Tuscany is expanded from Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here are the most noticeable cities of Italy.


    Florence is a great city with magnificent architectures. Looking for them, here are the some must-see structures. Being there, you simply can’t miss them. The Cathedral is the masterpiece with historical artwork on roof tops and all around, its one of the most popular tourists site of Florence. The entrance of the Cathedral has a historical clock, built in 1443 by Paolo Uccello. Baptistery, Uffizi, the Bargello museum and Academia are the best a few of the top architecture sites.


    A city of historical grandeour, Siena is a medieval city. The city is said to be founded by Senius, son of Remus. The ancient city is built over three hills. The most important spot in Siena is piazza del Campo also known as Il Campo. History signifies it as a Roman forum but today it is famous for a horse race named Palio, organized twice in the summer, around this location. Siena is surrounded by architectural landscape and structures of historical value. Palazzo Pubblico, a museum cum a doorway to the medieval era through the fresco and other grand art work. S. M. della Scala is another museum that you can visit to have a glimpse of the ancient era. While buying tickets for these two, you can also get the ticket for the tower, Torre del Mangia. With almost 500 steps, this tower gives the best possible view of Siena city and mountains surrounding it.




    Its another great destination in Tuscany with significant historical sites. The city still has the grandeur of medieval city walls. Spots like Duomo di San Martino and Roman amphitheater should also be visited to get the feel of rich inheritance.



    The iconic city of Tuscany, Italy, its commonly known for that Leaning Tower of Pisa. Stair up those 300 steps of it to get a full view of the wonderful surroundings. Other places like National Museum of San Mateo and the Camposanto cemetery are also worth watching.



    Arezzo is a small but wealthiest city of Tuscany, as the people here are gold-smithery business. Surrounded by natural landscape its a simply natural country-side area but it has all the facilities like hotels, restaurant, rental houses etc. Places like museum, castles, specially the castle of Poppi is worth-watching.

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    Arezzo, Tuscany



    Popularly known for its link to the book and movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, its a beautifully picturesque hillside area. There is so much to explore here, like Duomo cathedral, the small museum, Museo Diocesano has great art collection.

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