Transgender Woman Breastfeeds her New Born

transgender woman
image source: Checkpregnancy

How a transgender woman can breastfeed a baby? These questions were out of question a few years back. But now, with the advancement in technology, everything seems possible. How? Read on this amazing real-life story of a transgender woman who breastfed her baby.

Trans Women Rocking Everywhere

Just like “Anne Veriato”, who is making waves with her upcoming MMA debut fight with a man, this very trans woman of our story has left the world amazed.

Living with her pregnant partner, the trans woman came to know that her female partner is not willing to breastfeed the new born. So, the trans woman turned for some medical assistance to Mount Sinai Hospital’s Centre for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York City.

As she was already taking some feminizing hormones from past few years, things got in favor really soon.

According to New Scientist, she was given drugs for breast stimulation, nausea and a regime of hormones to achieve the target. And she really did it! she successfully produced 227 grams of milk daily.

She actually breastfed her baby for quite a time but had to shift on formula milk later on—as her body was not producing enough milk.

But on the whole this 30 years old transgender woman became the first official trans woman in medical history, to breastfeed a baby.


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