Tornado Safety Tips for Southeast Wyoming Residents


Cheyenne National weather service has warned the residents of Wyoming and some partial areas of Nebraska for severe tornadoes and hail. You can’t stop a tornado from touching down the land. The only thing you can do is to stay safe. Monday afternoon and evening are the most unsuitable times to go outside. Folks in Nebraska and Wyoming, you must follow some tornado safety tips to face this situation. Read on to know them.

Safety Tips to Face a Tornado

  • Get shelter in a basement, that is the safest of all. You do not have one, look for a room with no window. This should be covered completely (close the door). You don’t find a room, some hallway, situated on a low level is another safer option. If you know some place like that, MOVE.
  • As the storm is passing, stay covered under something sturdy. Your head should be covered, keep sitting and wait for the storm to pass.
source: US Tornadoes

How to Identify an Approaching Tornado?

Tornadoes are the most unpredictable weather phenomenon. It is almost impossible to determine the exact time of it. But still you can look for some signs of tornadoes. These may include;

  • The sky seems greenish in shade.
  • Overcast sky with large sized and low laying clouds
  • Large sized hails and strong wind
  • Roaring sound of the wind, quite similar to some speedy train.

If you still find yourself in some undesirable situation, calling 911 is the most recommended way by National weather service. I hope you all living in these areas stay safe and most of all, none of you indulge in some household activity as this man is mowing the lawn in front of a tornado. Check out the video below for further precautionary measures.