Top Ten Natural Events of 2015


2015 like all other years have brought some good and some bad events in the whole world. Now as the year is going to end soon, google has released the top ten list of natural events that trended the most on the web and social media. Lets have a look.

1. Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia is the strongest ever tropical cyclone in the western hemisphere. It dissipated on 24 Oct 2015 and troubled the areas of central America, Mexico and Texas the most.

2. Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin is the second on top ten list of natural events or natural disasters of 2015. It was also one of the strongest tropical cyclones. It dissipated on 15 Oct 2015 and affected the areas of Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Turks and Caicos islands.


natural events
Hurricane Joaquin 2015


3. Tropical Storm Erika

Third on the list of natural events is tropical storm Erika. It was a hurricane with the highest wind speed of 53 mph. It was dissipated from 25 to 29 August and affected the areas of Bahamas, Antilles and southeastern United States.

natural events
Tropical Storm
Erika 2015

4. Tropical Storm Bill

Tropical Storm Bill is on 4th position of top ten list of natural disaster. It affected the areas of Oklahoma, east Texas, mid-west and mid-Atlantic with heavy rainfalls.

natural events
Tropical Storm Bill

5. April 2015 Nepal earthquake

Nepal earthquake is one of the strongest earthquakes that we saw. It engulfed the lives of around 9,000 people and left thousands and thousands injured. It hit the areal on 25th April.

natural events
Nepal Earthquake 2015

6. Butte Fire 2015

Butte Fire 2015 is the most rapid wildfire that caught a large part of California.

Butte Fire California
Butte Fire California

7. Tropical Storm Danny

It was the first hurricane of 2015 in Atlantic.

natural events
Tropical Storm Danny 2015

8. Chile Earthquake

It was 8.3 magnitude earthquake that shaken the coastal areas of Chile.

natural events
Chile Earthquake

9. Hurricane Ignatio 2015

In August 2015, hurricane Ignatio hit hard to the areas of Hawaii.

natural events
Satellite image of Hurricane Ignatio

10. Valley Fire California

The last on google’s top ten list of natural events is the valley fire of California. The wildfire that damaged on a larger level to the Lake Country, California.

natural events
Valley Fire