Top 10 On-Set Celebrity Deaths


During shooting of adventurous and dangerous scenes of many movies a lot of accidents occur. Directors include dangerous scenes to increase the level of interest of their audience but sometimes it also proves fatal for a few of the cast. Here are the top 10 incidents of death of actors or other crew members during the shooting of some movies.

1. Enter the Dragon

The first on our top 10 list is Bruce Lee. During the shooting of Enter the Dragon in Hong Kong on 10th of May 1973 when Bruce Lee was doing dubbing work, he got collapsed in bathroom. He was taken to the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital but was in vein. Doctor told cerebral edema as cause of his death. But there are some controversies about his death as few report it to be as a cause of cannabis.His body was buried in Seattle.

2. The Crow.

The second on top 10 list is Brandon Lee. Brandon Lee who was the son of the legend Bruce Lee was also died while shooting for the film The Crow unfortunately. In movie The Crow Brandon Lee was to be shoot by the villain and dead in the last scene. A bullet from a dummy gun’s round was lodged in the barrel of gun and was unnoticed even the gun was loaded with a blank cartridge. When the blank was fired, the bullet shoot out of the gun and hit the hero in the abdomen causing his death. The few remaining scenes of Brandon were performed by his stunt duplicate Chad Stahelski. He was buried right next to his father’s resting place.

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3. The Final Season

The thirs on our top 10 list is Roland Schlotzhauer. Roland Schlotzhauer was famous for his skill that he can skillfully capture the scenes from helicopter. In October 2006, he was shooting a parade scene for The Final Season from Bell 206. The helicopter hit the power line and crashed, causing Schlotzhauer’s death.

4. xXx

Harry L. O’Connor was Diesel’s stunt double in xXx. In a scene he had to rappel down a parasailing line and land on a submarine but he failed to rappel down fast enough and hit a bridge at very high speed and died instantly.

5. Jumper

The set dresser of Jumper, David Ritchie designed the set of this sci-fi thriller movie, using a mixture of frozen sand, earth and ice for special effects in the exterior. He died at the set because a large piece of frozen sand and gravel fell on him from the top of a wall of the outdoor set.

6. The Flight of the Phoenix

Paul Mantz died during doing a risky take off maneuver in the movie The Flight of the Phoenix.

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7. The Return of the Musketeers

During the shooting of a scene in The Return of the Musketeers, the actor Roy Kinnear fell from horse and broke his pelvis. He died due to excessive bleeding.

8. Top Gun

Art Scholl was a renowned pilot. He was hired to do the camera work of movie Top Gun. He had to perform a flat spin for the movie and capture onboard camera. He could not recover from the spin causing his plane to crash in the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast. The cause of the accident is still unknown.

9. Troy

George Camelleri, with an extra bodybuilding, had a tragic accident during shooting a scene of Troy. He severely broke his leg and was treated at the hospital. Few days later, he had a heart attack due to a clot in his leg. The clot was treated and he was discharged from the hospital but got another heart attack after discharge that caused his death.

10. Twilight Zone: The Movie – 1983

A sad accident occurred during the shooting of movie Twilight Zone: The Movie. A helicopter was used at the set and caused the accident. The helicopter was flying at a very low altitude of only 25 feet and caused pyrotechnics explosion which severed the tail rotor causing the helicopter to spun and get out of control. Vic Morrow and Myca Den Le died due to its blades but Renee Shin-Yi Chen was crushed to death by the crashed helicopter.Deaths: Vic Morrow and child actors Myca Dinh Le (age 7) and Renee Shin-Yi Chen (age 6)