Tiffany Trump Second Daughter of Donald Trump


    We know and we have seen the older kids of President Donald Trump (Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka Trump), campaigning for him throughout his election campaign. Especially the fashionista Ivanka has been dominating the whole campaign scene. What about the younger daughter of Trump? Yes, many of you must have never heard about the younger daughter of Trump. She is 23 years old Tiffany Trump. A step sister to Ivanka, she is the daughter of Marla Maple, the second wife of president Trump.

    It was in July when we saw Tiffany addressing the Republican national convention. It was the time when her father (Donald Trump) was elected as an official nominee for the party. But later, it was Ivanka who stole all the attention by her encouraging words for her father. And above all her styling techniques also kept the world attracted towards her.

    People have often been asking about Tiffany Trump absence from many major events of her father. To my surprise, the answer is quite hilarious. I have heard someone saying, ‘Trump prefer Ivanka over Tiffany for the simple reason of ‘looks’. He finds Ivanka more attractive and appealing (to him, Tiffany owns weird look). That’s why he never bothers to call on his second daughter Tiffany Trump in his major events.

    Though the reason sounds quite silly. And I am not quite sure about that. But even if it is true, I don’t think that’s right. Tiffany is quite gorgeous. She owns an Instagram profile where she keeps updating her looks and style. Let’s take a look at a few images of her.