‘The Screaming Mummy’ on Display at Cairo Museum Egypt

screaming mummy
image source: Daily Sabah

The screaming mummy who has long been boggling the minds of researchers has finally got its identity. Ever since its discovery in 1886, from Deir el-Bahari tomb complex, the man with a silent scream was causing great mystery. The only speculation that we heard about it, ‘it was somebody who was poisoned to death’. It was given the name of ‘“Unknown Man E”.

But we believe it is not unknown anymore. Recently, a DNA test has been conducted and the result suggested this screaming mummy to be none other than Prince Pentewere, son of pharaoh Ramses III. It is about 3000 years old.

He was Ramses III son from his second wife and he along with his mother conspired against his father. Prince Pentewere wanted to kill his father but the plotting went wrong. As a result, he was given a torturing death. He was hanged to death. The mummy bears markings on the neck which further strengthens the theory of it to be the son of Ramses III.

screaming mummy
image source: the citizen

Checking the historical records of Egypt, we found certain info that ensures the treachery of prince by planning the murder of his own father.

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Though it was buried close to other royal mummies (on the west bank of the Nile); but it was not given a royal treatment, neither was it handled with a proper mummifying procedure. It was simply left to dry out in natron salt—even some salt was poured inside its mouth.

Unlike royal mummies who are covered in an expensive white linen, this poor (or wicked) prince was wrapped in sheepskin—which was not a positive sign in ancient Egypt.  Famous Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass explained to National Geographic in 2008;

“We found this mummy covered in sheepskin. In the mind of the ancient Egyptian… to cover with sheepskin means he was not clean, he did something [bad] in his life.” 

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Recently, the screaming mummy has been put on display at Egyptian Museum in Cairo and for the first time, a number of people came to witness this agonizing moment of his end. We can still see the pain on the face of the screaming mummy.