Bizarre Story of Tapeworm Infection in a Sushi Lover’s Stomach

tapeworm infection
image source: NY daily

The weirdest story that came to my notice in 2018 so far is probably the tale of a Fresno man who happened to be a sushi lover. Unfortunately, this man had to pay a higher price for loving and eating raw sushi daily. Examining his trouble, the man was concluded to have tapeworm infection. Let’s read on to find more about this intriguing story.

According to UCSF Fresno Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Kenny Banh, it was in August 2017, that a man approached him with an unusual condition. He was complaining to have a dangling sensation in his rectum. He was pretty sure it was some sort of worm that is bothering him. As the man pulled that moving thing out, it was a worm of about 5 feet and 6 inches in length.

To know more about tapeworm infection, the man brought that worm to the physician. It was wrapped around an empty toilet paper roll.

The doctor concluded, the worm had been swallowed by the man while eating raw fish; and it has been inside his intestine from about past six months. The California man was kept on medication for removing the remaining part of infected tapeworm.

After facing the whole trouble, the infected man is quite determined that he would never have a raw salmon sashimi again.

According to Dr. Banh, eating fish with uncooked skin is quite likely to have you problems like worms and intestinal infections like tapeworm infection.