Super Blue Blood Moon a Trilogy of Celestial Event in a Day

blue moon
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Yet another amazing celestial event for sky gazers is in the pipeline. A lunar trilogy is about to happen on the night of 31st of January. But this time Asian countries are luckier since they are going to view this spectacular show. It will be a combo of blue moon, super moon and total lunar eclipse at a time.

It is after 150 years that we are going to view this celestial show. Previously it was in the year 1866, 31 March, that the sky lovers witnessed this trilogy of celestial events on planet earth. It is an event when moon passes through the shadow of earth.

Scientist will be arranging telescopes and awareness sessions in multiple places of the world. It would be a late in the night time in America and UK; while Asian countries will have this blue moon in their early evening hours (around 6 pm).

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What is Blue Moon?

Blue moon is the second full moon in the same month (normally we have only one). For instance, January 1st was the date when we had a full moon. But this January, 31st would be another date for full moon. That means two full moons in a month.