Strangely Built Rushton Triangular Lodge England


    Ancient and weirdly built architectures are something that I always love to explore. They are the best way to have a glimpse in the ancient times. The other day while looking for the most unique ancient architectures of the world, I came along this about 400 years old three-sided Rushton Triangular Lodge England.

    The most intriguing part of the whole site that inspired me, is its age. Even after 400 years of construction, it’s quite at its place. I mean that’s just incredible. Why its named 3-sided house is its great connection to number ‘3’.

    Belonging to Sir Thomas Tresham of Catholic faith, who is best known for his obsession for number 3 (catholic faith has very particular views and a symbolic importance of number 3). And this very obsession led him to build a house that is all about number 3. Let’s take a closer look at this unique Rushton Triangular Lodge England.

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    Firstly, it has three sides quite unlike to a traditional building structure. Once you enter it, you’ll find three floors. Each floor has 3 rooms. Each window in the house holds three sides as well. If you too have some obsession about such historic and unique places, you can check out this site. It remains open for the tourists all year around. [Do you want to know more about it, check here.] Check out the amazing images of triangular lodge given below.