Stonehenge Origin May Belong to Wales


Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire,England that has long been mystifying us all of its origin and historical background. Its also a very famous tourist spot. Travelers from all around the globe travel this far to see this historical phenomena. Its also a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site.

Long have archaeologists of various departments and universities have been working to dig out the facts related to Stonehenge origin. This ring of standing stones is said to be some sort of ancient ritual site.

According to a latest research published on Monday in the journal Antiquity, it is revealed that there are great evidences found that clearly suggest that these standing stones were fetched or dragged here and were not part of this place originally.

The research says that Stonehenge might have erected in Wales previously and was dragged to the present location later. Archaeologists have dig out a site in Carn Goedog and Craig Rhos-y-felin in Wales that has the same sort of bluestones as used in Stonehenge. And there are many outcrops or quarries that suggest that bluestones were removed from this site around five centuries ago from the making of Stonehenge. So there might be great chances of link between both places.

The distance between the two places is of 140 miles. Firstly archaeologists were busy knowing where the stones of Stonehenge came from? Now this mystery is almost solved. Now the next query is how these heavy stones were brought here in Wiltshire. Will keep you updated to what comes next on Stonehenge.