Real Story behind the Star War Socks by Justin Trudeau


    Are you a Star War fan? Then you must have known the famous lines, “May the Fourth Be with You,”. May 4 is the unofficial day when the world celebrates all the things associated with Star War. To show his solidarity with every Star War fan around the globe, Justin Trudeau made a really cool attempt. Read on to know what he actually did on May 4, 2017.

    Justin Trudeau was scheduled to meet his counterpart from Ireland. While it was supposed to be a serious meeting with all the serious discussion, Justin Trudeau surprised everyone with his mismatched Star War socks, blue and golden. One sock was featuring R2-D2 while the other C-3PO. His red tie and black suit highlighted those mismatched Star War socks in every image.


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    The sooner the images of the meeting went viral; people gave their best reactions. To put it simply, people liked the idea immensely. Justin Trudeau wearing those unmatched socks makes you realize that in spite of being at such a high-profile and reverend designation, Justin is standing with every commoner who loves star war. As the images of Justin’s mismatched socks went viral, Trudeau tweeted these words; “These are the socks you’re looking for,”