Mummified Toe Returns to its Sour Toe Cocktail


I am always curious to know about weird stuff happening around. But some news really amazes me. When I got hint of this one, I am sharing here, I was just stunned, WHAT, THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE.  Garnishing is something that beautifies any cuisine or dessert. How do you feel if the drink in front of you is decorated with a mummified human toe? Yes, I am not joking, this is what happens in Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City, Canada. It’s a drink named sour toe cocktail that is garnished with a real toe. Read on to find more about this toe drink.

Sourtoe cocktail is considered the specialty of this spot. People come here to drink and some of them are not in their senses for most of the time. On an unfortunate day, someone just stole the mummified toe without leaving a single hint. The officials at Dawson City bar had to print an ad for the missing toe and a press release to get the essential part for their sour toe cocktail back. Check out the image below.

sour toe cocktail
source: Twitter

Press Release!

sourtoe cocktail
Press Release
source: Twitter

The Mummified Toe is Back!

Dawson city police was alerted after the complaint. But they found nothing. Instead the person who stole the toe, send it back. Here is what Royal Canadian Mounted Police writes to the authorities at Dawson City Bar:

“On Tuesday afternoon, June 20th, Dawson City RCMP received a phone call from the alleged suspect, stating that he had placed the toe in the mail, addressed to the Downtown Hotel. The man then called the Downtown Hotel and provided the same message to staff, along with a verbal apology.

Earlier today, on Thursday, June 22nd, the expected package was received. To ensure the package was safe to open, it was brought to Corporal Jeff Myke from Dawson City RCMP for him to open.

Located inside the package was an apology letter, as well as the stolen toe.

At the time that the package was opened, the toe was believed to be in good condition.”

It was weird to read this unique way of garnishing the cocktail but still I am happy to find, ITS BACK. You too can go and enjoy the drink.

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