The Shocking Revelation about Princes Diana’s Assassination


A shocking claim by an 80 years old retired MI5 agent about princess Diana’s death has left the world in awe. The baffling story is not being covered by the mainstream media because most of us are not believing it to be true. Above all, this weird story was first published in a website reputed to carry fake stories. Read on to find more about this story.

YourNewsWire is the website that published this tragic (if true) story. John Hopkins is the 80 years old man who according to this post, is spending the last days of his life in his death bed in his house. He thinks, he is going to die real soon. According to him, he was one of the seven people, hired as hitmen by MI5. He assassinated about 23 people in his whole life. Those assassinated people included reporters, journalists, politicians and other famous personalities. And Princes Diana was the only female assassinated by this MI5 hitman. All his colleagues and his boss have already died, so he has no living proof to prove his story true.

Who Ordered him to Kill Princess Diana?

Here is what he said about it in his interview to;

She knew too many Royal secrets. She had a huge grudge and she was going to go public with all sorts of wild claims. My boss told me she had to die – he’d received orders directly from Prince Philip – and we had to make it look like an accident. I’d never killed a woman before, much less a princess, but I obeyed orders. I did it for Queen and country.”

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He further says;

“He claims to feel ‘ambivalent’ about Princess Diana’s death. On the one hand, Diana was ‘a beautiful, kind-hearted woman’ who did not deserve to have her life cut short.”

Conclusion: No well reputed site endorsed this story till now. So, it is really hard to believe it 100%. But after the tragic death of Princess Diana, people have always been speculating her death as a conspiracy or assassination. All the info given here is purely based on the story published in YOUR NEWS WIRE, we neither endorse it nor reject it. We have simply shared it for our readers. It is up to them how they take and what they conclude about it. Watch the video below.