Shocking Appearance of UFO Over Vienna and Graz


Like we always hear, ‘truth is out there’. But still there is a majority if UFO skeptics that don’t even want to discuss it. Every now and then, we have been notified that this mysterious truth of extraterritorial lives do exist some where! Whether we accept it or not. The most recent footage of a UFO over Vienna and the southern town of Graz has startled the residents to the extent, they called the cops.

The footage and pics captured and uploaded by a number of residents, reveal the bright spherical object hovering in the night sky. As the video reveals, the onlookers are shocked. Like always, it’s been assumed as a remote control helicopter or a helicopter with rotors, by the skeptics, while some took it as an alien object.

The brighter and round UFO over Vienna is displaying a glowing light of white and purple. Not just Vienna but a number of cities in the vicinity have reported the strange alien sighting. About ten years ago, a same-looking UFO was spotted over Moscow.

Austrians are more than surprised because this is not the first time that any such thing has entered their premises. Earlier this year, while everyone was busy in the new year eve celebration, a shocking footage of a UFO being struck by lightning was captured by a student. That also gone viral.

UFO struck by Lightning in Austria Earlier this Year!

The officials of the city have not given their verdict on the appearance of UFO over Vienna or other cities who have witnessed this spooky sight. This video cannot be denied easily as it’s not about a single witness but a number of eyes have seen and felt this phenomenon. So, this video cannot be rejected as fake or hoax one. The truth is out there, we have to find it. Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below and enjoy the video here.