Woman of Shark Attack at San Onofre Beach fighting for Her Life


Shark attacks in US are quite frequent these days. Only in 2016, about 57 shark attacks were reported all across the US. The most recent shark attack victim is a single mother of three. The unfortunate woman is undergoing the treatment and is under the medically induced coma at the moment. It was 6 p.m. when this woman was attacked by a shark on at the exact location i.e. San Diego County beach called Church. The beach will remain closed till Wednesday.

According to the doctors, a big part of her right back leg is eaten by this 10 feet shark and left her leg with a lot of missing and damaged arteries, nerves and torn out muscles. Reports suggest that this woman was swimming on San Onofre State Beach on Saturday when she fell victim of a bloody shark attack. Reports suggest that her boyfriend’s timely entry on the attacking spot saved the woman’s life. Otherwise there was no chance of her survival. Check out what her mother has to say about it;

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“She was gone. So he dived under to try and find her and couldn’t find her, “He came up and the shark’s tail was sloshing in the water and she popped up and he grabbed her and put on the board.”


The tragic incident at San Onofre State Beach left the victim’s mother in an intensely desperate condition. Here is what McKnerney-Leidle, the mother of this woman has to say;

“I can’t imagine my daughter being in that water and the shark taking her under, How scared she was. She must’ve been so scared, so scared.”