Scientists Discover Ghost Octopus in Hawaii


Marine life scientists of NOAA, discovered this most unusual and weird looking translucent octopod.  It was found around 2.5 miles underwater off Necker Island northwestern end of the Hawaiian Archipelago. The scientists, while traveling in their ROV, got notice of this ghost octopus that was sitting over the flat surface of the ocean.

Strange Appearance

As it is unlike any other octopus, in its structure and appearance, its named “Casper the Friendly Ghost” . Looking at it, reminds us of the cartoon character, ‘Casper’. According to scientists, it is transparent because it lacks pigment cells. It belongs to the incirrate octopod type. Unlike others of its kind, it does not have fins. A normal octopus has two rows of suckers on each arm but this ghost octopus has only one of it. It appears to be more  gelatinous and less muscular. Which scientists suggested the result of less food quantity (at the bottom, there is less to eat). Eyes that are quite visible over it, seem quite functional. As Vecchione, the marine scientist said, “When the sub got up close to it, it started climbing away, either reacting to lights of the sub or vibrations of the water.”

Vecchione has who works with NOAA‘s National Systematics Laboratory further says, “It is almost certainly an undescribed species and may not belong to any described genus,” We are now considering combining this observation with some other very deep incirrate observations by a German cruise in the eastern Pacific into a manuscript for publication in the scientific literature,” 

Specie Name

As the strange marine specie is new and we do not have enough information to suggest a suitable name, so it was named ‘ghost octopus’, which suits it well. But Vecchione has some other suggestion for its name, “In order to name a species, I need to have a specimen of it, “There is no way of knowing how long it will be until that happens. … It can take a year or two to do all the things required for a taxonomic publication in the scientific literature.”Ghostopus is a nice name.”