Ryan Zinke suggests to Downsize Bears Ears National Monument


    Zinke’s Bears Ear suggestion might have pleased the republicans but the tribal people are not welcoming the downsizing of the national monument of the Bears Ears national monument in Utah.  Situated on an exalted area of about 1,351,849 acres (547,074 ha), the monument of Bears Ear has been there since ages and attracting an array of visitors to come and have a glance at this cultural space. But the recent proposal of limiting the area, by Trump administration does not seem to be accepted by the tribe coalition.

    This is what Ryan Zinke has to say, “I have enormous respect for tribes, “This is working hand-to-hand with the tribes as I said I would do.”

    Contrary to that the attorney at native American Rights Funds, Natalie Landreth says; “This was really just a cynical effort to distract Indian country from the devastating blow of reducing the size of the monument,” “Bears Ears is not for sale. It’s not up for trade.”

    bears ears national monument
    source: mountainzone

    What is the Bears Ears National Park?

    It’s a national monument that is not just famous for the juniper forests, red rocks and a vast and wild landscape, it has a number of elements related to prehistoric age. The area contains several artifacts and remains belonging to native Americans as well as the other ancient cultures like Ute Tribe, Hopi Nation and Navajo Nation.

    Where is the National Monument of Bears Ears?

    It is located in southeastern Utah, exactly in the west of the towns of Blanding and Monticello and in the north of Mexican Hat. Getting there is not that easy. You would have to walk a long distance. Make sure you are fit enough with all the necessary equipment with you.

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