Roger Federer Wins Grand Slam and His Kids Win Our Hearts


    We congratulate Roger Federer, world known tennis player for his great win against Marin Cilic. This victory in eighth Wimbledon win marks his 19th Grand Slam title. And for that he is being praised all around. But what the internet is going mad about are Roger Federer kids. Roger Federer has four kids, two seven years old twin daughters Myla and Charlene and two twin boys Lenny and Leo.

    The whole quartet of kids was there with their mommy at the final event of eighth Wimbledon match. The internet is going gaga over their stylish ensembles and amazing facial expressions. It seems the kids have amazing in-born potential to understand the game and we might see any of them as an uprising tennis player in future.

    roger federer kids
    image source: Time

    What Roger Federer said about his kids is quite humble. He says; “They have no clue what’s going on, They think this is probably a nice view and a nice playground.”

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    roger federer
    image source: The New Daily