Robert Durst, the Famous Suspect from the Jinx, HBO Series


Who remembers the famous HBO investigative series, ‘The Jinx’? The main culprit of the series, Robert Durst is in the news once again after the latest cross questioning in the court room. Durst is a known real estate tycoon. But after the unusual disappearance of his wife, he was always under the investigative radar. Later he was concluded as the prime suspect in the murder of his closest friend, Susan Berman. 74 at the moment, Durst is already in the jail on a sentence for about 85 months. The trial is still in the court and Robert Durst has pleaded not guilty.

Disappearance of Robert Durst’s Wife

It all started when on a tragic day in 1982, Robert’s wife vanished. No one knows where she disappeared. After the investigation started, the neighbors of Durst told the investigator about an unusual incident where the wife of Durst, Kathie Durst had to leave her house in her night pajamas. She ran to neighbor’s house, begging to save her from her cruel husband (Robert Durst). Neighbors cleared that Kathie revealed about her husband torturing and beating her for her part in the property. Kathie had to sit in the bathroom for several hours to protect herself from psychotic Robert Durst. Finally, she disappeared and never came back. Of course, Robert is the suspect of allegedly murdering his wife. But he has never been charged for this alleged disappearance.

Robert Durst with wife Kathie Source: CNN

Who was Morris Black?

Mossris Black was another unfortunate man, a neighbor of Robert Durst in Galveston. Robert is charged with murdering this man in 2001. Durst acknowledged shooting this man and dumping his body parts in Galveston Bay.

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Susan Berman Murder

Susan Berman was the closest friend of Robert Durst once. She was found dead in her apartment. Miriam Barnes (friend of Susan Berman) is one of the prime witnesses in the brutal shooting of Susan Berman. According to her, Susan told her once that Robert Durst might kill her one day. And Barnes believes Robert to be Susan’s killer. Why? Here is what Barnes was told by Susan Berman one day; ‘I need to tell you something but I need you not to ask me any questions,’”…she did something for Bobby that day, “If anything ever happens to me, Bobby did it,”


This whole series of murder seems quite filmy but yes, it is true. The case is still going on. Let’s see how things turn in future. Will keep you updated about Robert Durst case.