Surprising Return of the Vanished Dooagh Beach after Three Decades


    No matter how scientifically and technically advanced we become, we can never surpass the power of mother nature. What nature does, no one can do, and it often leaves us in awe. A recent natural event occurred in Achill Island in western Ireland has left the world baffled. A chain of storms on Achill island, washed away the famous Dooagh beach (not a single grain of sand was left), back in 1984. It was a famous recreational spot for everyone in Ireland and UK at that time. But the unfortunate vanishing of the beach left nothing but rocky pools and rocks. But something big has happened here. Read on to know more about this amazing real life story.

    Dooagh Beach Today

    But today, about three decades later, things are quite different and interesting, of course. In April 2017, around Easter, a humongous and freaky tide brought back what was taken long ago. Most surprisingly, a 300 meters long sandy beach is back on its place. Strong northern winds caused those nasty waves to hit the rocky beach and the waves left the beach sand behind. Here is how Sean Molloy, of Achill Tourism explains this natural phenomenon of shifting sands;

    “Apparently what that does is, it blows the surface water back, because this is a south-facing beach. The sea then takes the sands underneath and brings the sands up. That’s what I’ve been told.”

    Dr. Ivan Haigh from the University of Southampton gave two possible reasons of this amazing natural phenomenon. He says;

    “It could be a change in sediment supply, from further up or down the coast which has brought a fresh amount of sediment to the beach,

    “It could also be due to a change in environmental conditions, either an alteration in the wave climate or a series of tides that has provided the ideal conditions for this beach to reform.”

    source: achilltourism

    Travel and Tourism in Achill Island

    Travel and tourism is the main support for the local economy of Achill island. Earlier, people from Ireland and UK used to come here, especially to visit Dooagh beach. Its sudden vanishing affected the tourism badly. But now things are getting better. As economy depends on tourism, the return of the sandy beach has given a boost to economy. More and more tourists are visiting Dooagh bay to see and believe about this amazing gift of nature. According to Emmet Callaghan, a local worker at tourism department of Achill island explains to BBC;

    “Yesterday we had gridlock here in the village with cars and campervans and people coming from all over Ireland and the UK to see our new beach,”

    “The people here have always spoken about their days on the beach and how they enjoyed it as children and now to have it back with their kids is unbelievable.

    “We already have five blue flag beaches and hopefully, if we keep our beach here, we’ll have a sixth”.

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    Locals are praying, this sand stays here for a longer period, at least till summer. Visiting Dooagh beach would be fun, especially when dolphins are visiting this place regularly. So, when are you going to plan your trip?

    Check out this video to learn more about this phenomenon.