Rare Yellow Cardinal Bird Spotted in Alabama

yellow cardinal bird
image source: futurity

It would definitely be a great day when looking out of your window gives you the rare sight of a yellow cardinal bird. This is something that happened to this lucky lady Charlie Stephenson. Read on here to know more about this amazing story.

She spotted the bird sitting on the bird feeder hanging in her Alabama backyard and videoed the moment. What makes it special is the unusual mustard hue of cardinal bird.

Due to the fear of a flock of bird watchers, Charlie did not reveal her address to anyone. But later she gave her photographer friend Jeremy Black an opportunity to come and picture the beautiful and rare yellow cardinal. Look at a few posts share by him.

This is not the first time that a cardinal is seen by her. According to Charlie, the bird shows up on her place once to twice every day.

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According to Geoff LeBaron, Christmas bird Director at the National Audubon Society, “Genetics might not be the only thing to blame for this odd-looking cardinal. The bird’s discoloration could also be a sign of illness,”

Check out the video of the cute birdie.


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