Puppy Thrown in Crocodile Infested Lake in Indonesia

puppy thrown in crocodile lake
image source: mirror.co.uk

We have seen and reported many cases of animal cruelty in the past. But the one I am sharing today has left me angered and frustrated. Recently a video of Indonesia (probably) has surfaced on the web. The video shows a thug boy hurling a puppy in a lake infested with crocodiles. Know how the boy threw the puppy in water.

The video shows the boy bringing the puppy to the edge of a cliff. The puppy can be seen in a bag held by the boy. No one tries to stop him, rather we can hear shouts in the background encouraging the thug to throw the puppy in crocodile lake. And so, he did.

The boy actually grabbed the puppy from his neck and threw it inside a croc-infested lake. The puppy strived for his life and tried to come to the shore. But before he could do that, he was grabbed by a crocodile. The poor puppy was eaten up.

Internet is storming with abusive and angered comments for this ruthless person who indulged in this extreme case of animal cruelty. Just check out the video.