Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markel is All Set to Settle Down


    After the disclosure of the relationship between prince Harry of UK with the actress Meghan Markel, world has not been the same for them. This longtime relationship was recently revealed, leaving the prince quite angry on so much intrusion by media. To him, it’s their lives and others should avoid taking interest in it. While Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markel seems to be flying high. As reports of her willingness to settle down with the royal hunk are coming in.

    Matching Friendship Bracelets

    Meghan Markel is recently working in an American TV legal drama ‘Suit’. No girl can deny getting married to this most eligible bachelor in the town. According to the reports, Meghan Markel is very much interested to settle down even at the expense of leaving her career of a bombshell in the tinsel town.

    There must be something cooking!!! One living in Toronto and the other in UK, even this huge distance between the two have not affected their love life. Both of them have been reported to travel all the way to the other’s territory. Prince Harry’s girlfriend has recently been recently spotted near Kensington Palace. According to reports, she has been living in the palace quite openly. But no paparazzi’s have been successful in spotting this hot new couple together.

    Since the two have been spending time together, and the indications of settling down from the closest friends of Meghan Markel. I think we’ll soon be hearing about them as a royal couple. Now this just sounds like a real-life story of Cinderella and her Prince charming.

    The other day at the rehearsal event of NAZ’s Joyful Noise Choir, prince Harry was spotted wearing a friendship bracelet, a look-alike of his girlfriend’s. That means the friendship is going great. Only time will tell how things will work between them. On the other hand, prince Harry’s girlfriend is making quite waves with her steamy scenes in her show ‘Suit’. Which is getting quite a hype on the internet.