PG Bugatti Chiron Bike: Special Urban Bike


The world-famous French supercar company has come in collaboration with German luxury bike manufacturers to create one of the lightest bicycles of the world. PG Bugatti Chiron bike will not be suitable to run in the local streets.

What makes it special?

Hmm!! That’s the first question that pops in our minds. What’s so special about it and what Bugatti has to offer. Here is what PG CEO Manuel Ostner has to say about this product— “We had the vision of building the ultimate bicycle to go with the ultimate car; ultimate in design, workmanship, and performance,”


This automotive vehicle comes with 1500 horsepower. The PG Bugatti chiron bike is claimed to be one of the lightest bicycles of the world. The product is made from 95% high-strength carbon fiber. That is why this bicycle is so light in weight.  The overall weight of this machine is below than 5 kg. People who are more concerned about PG Bugatti bike price, it is $39,000. Lastly, only 667 Bugatti bikes will be produced. [Read here: What’s Special about Bugatti Chiron Power Car?]