Oumuamua: Cigar-Shaped Interstellar Asteroid Spinning Chaotically in Space

image source: newshub

Oumuamua is a cigar-shaped flying object that has been witnessed entering our solar system from deep space. It was first seen back in September 2017. Using PanSTARRS1 telescope, scientists discovered this fastly moving asteroid entering our domain.

Unlike comets, this chaotically moving object is formatted from rocks and metal with red hue. It happens to be too solid (because of metal formation), otherwise the way it has been moving since ages, it should have been broken down by now.

Dr. Fraser says about oumuamua, “The tumbling actually causes stresses and strains internal to the object, and that slowly but surely squeezes and pulls on the object just like tides on the Earth to remove energy from the spin,”

“It’s hard to know if it was during planet formation or after the planet formation process,” he added. “Certainly, more collisions happen while planets are growing than afterwards, so that’s a very good guess. But unfortunately, we can’t get a high-resolution image of this thing to see what kind of crater is on it that might be attributed to the collision that caused it to start tumbling.”

Does this Interstellar Pose Any Threat to Our Planet?

Not really! It has been around since long, spinning in its own chaotic manners. According to scientists, keeping on view its speed, it will be passing by Jupiter in May and then Saturn next year. Thus, oumuamua will make its way out of our solar system soon.


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