Oscar 2018: Worst Dressed Celebrities This Year

oscar 2018
image source: Laila's blog

With all the glitz and glamour of Oscar award, the most awaiting part for me has always been to watch the celeb’s style on the red-carpet Oscar. Like previous years, this year too has brought a number of celebs in the worst avatars in Oscar 2018 ceremony. Check out this list of worst dressed celebrities at Oscar 2018 Red Carpet.

Worst Dressed Celebrities in Oscar 2018

1.Salma Hayek

From someone as gorgeous as Salma Hayek, we always expect something sleek and sassy. This year in Oscar 2018, she appeared in a sequined pinkish gown by Gucci. With ruffled style and beads detailing on the neckline, the dress actually landed her in the list of the worst dressed celebs in Oscar 2018.


  1. Blanca Blanco

Last year she was in the spotlight because of a wardrobe malfunction in the event. This year too she has managed to get some attention by wearing a weirdly revealing gown. Odd color scheme and plunging neckline, all tend to give her a strange look.


  1. Indie singer St. Vincent

Check her out in a strangely hem-lined black dress. And what is that baggy item doing on her shoulder?

oscar 2018

  1. Emma Stone

She is gorgeous no doubt, but this pairing of blazer with pants is not the right thing for an event like Oscars, with a black tie dress code. What say you?

oscar 2018


  1. Lindsey Vonn

This black outfit with weird-looking cut-out detailing is enough to let you switch off the TV. And that neckpiece in her neck…arghhhhh.

oscar 2018

  1. Singer Andra Day

Check out how is she looking in those floral curtains, oh I mean floral curtain-like outfit.

oscar 2018

  1. Whoopi Goldberg

Starting it off with a pair of glasses, her kind of ball gown seemed quite upsetting to eyes, both in terms of print and fabric.

oscar 2018

  1. Taraji P. Henson

With too much of skin show, I don’t wanna say much about this one. See it for yourself.

oscar 2018

  1. Renee Bargh

With strange lace detailing, this outfit too is not in the good books of the majority.

oscar 2018


  1. Kelly Ripa

This dress could have been a lot better if those colored panels were not a part of her outfit.

oscar 2018


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