Original Disneyland Map to be Auctioned


    Disney theme park is one of the most loved and admired amusement parks ever. It has been attracting tourists from across the globe since decades. Even today, it gets flooded with visitors in every holiday season, not from US only but from everywhere.

    Who Made Disneyland?

    It was Walt Disney who dreamed of making a unique amusement theme park. He got his idea of it transferred on the paper with the help of the map artist Herb Ryman (as there were no computers at that time to recreate what the mind had on it). That original Disneyland map has now become an expensive artifact.

    Auction for the Original Disneyland Map

    The same original Disneyland map is soon going to be auctioned. This auction will be held on Sunday, June 25 at 11:00 a.m. PT.

    What Else you can Get in the Auction?

    Besides Disneyland map, there are some other artifacts belonging to the original Disney theme park. There will be cars from original parks ride, souvenirs, costumes and other props, all belonging to the Disneyland theme park.

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