Nikki Bella, John Cena Get Naked on YouTube


    Expecting something decent and goody from the aggressive WWE fellows is hardly possible. Whenever we think of them, we visualize something wild and hilarious. The recently engaged, WWE couple Nikki Bella and John Cena too have done something crazy for their spectators. Read on to know more about it.

    The WWE couple actually stripped naked on YouTube. Yup! That’s true, Bella Twins had recently got about 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. It was a joyous achievement for Bella Twins (I don’t know what for?). And in the peak of her happiness Nikki Bella decided to strip, so did she expect from her new fiancé, John Cena, who seemed to be a little hesitant in the video. But later they both stripped together.

    This is what Nikki says in the video; “We are finally ready to have this huge celebration. Sorry it took a few days, it took a while to convince someone to do this,” Bella pointed towards her reluctant fiancé. “We got half a million subscribers, so we are ready to give all of us to all of you!”
    John Cena says, “I still don’t think this is a good idea.” What answer he gets is quite expected; “Shut up and take your clothes off.” And so, did he.

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    Obviously, the private parts are blurry in the video. But you can see them enjoying and dancing around their house hilariously. And what made me laugh like crazy, were Cena’s words; “I think my tube’s on YouTube!” Lolz. The comedy factor hikes up when John Cena farts in Nikki Bella’s direction and she gets irritated and says, “What did you eat? Someone else’s farts?” “You honestly ruin everything.”
    Check out the video of the stripped WWE couple given below.