New Pepsi Ad Featuring Kendell Jenner


    Live bolder, live louder, that should be the way to live. That is the tag line of the of the latest Pepsi ad featuring the super model Kendell Jenner. Like many other brands, Pepsi too is seeming to confront the weird Trump policies in America. The Pepsi commercial is addressing a very sensitive issue, being faced by Americans these days, i.e. the racial discrimination. There should be no racial differences, that is the thought of majority people in America. And that is what we observe in all the anti-Trump protests. And the same issue is pictured in the latest Kendell Jenner Pepsi ad.

    The ad seems to be quite interesting and have tried to unite different races, living in America. Watching the ad, you see faces belonging to different races and religion. It shows how people belonging to different fields of life stand united against a single cause. And what helps them in finding their goal, is a refreshing Pepsi Kendell Jenner is holding.


    We also observe a bit of similarity in this ad, with a recent real-life event in Baton Rouge, where Leshia Evans, a black woman, a nurse and a mother, stood bravely against police, while she was protesting for black lives because #blackLivesMatter. But the fate of Kendell Jenner and Leshia Evans is quite opposite. Evans was arrested on the spot, while Kendell Jenner offers a Pepsi can to the policeman, impressed by the taste and quality of the soda drink, the policeman allows the protesters to move on with their cause (that can happen just in ads). [Read here: Bella Hadid is Proud to be a Muslim].

    But overall, it’s a fun ad to watch. The concept is quite positive and offers a good message of unity and togetherness. That should be followed, not just in America, but all across the world. I think it’s time to think above those racial and religious differences. What say you? if you agree, share the post to spread the message and show the unity. Check out the Pepsi ad here.