What Lies Behind the Mystery of Antarctica Blood Falls?


Antarctica has always been a source of attraction and mystery for the researchers and also for the common people like us. Be it the perfectly preserved bodies of the life forms in Antarctica (penguins, seals), movement of extraterritorial objects or the mysterious Taylor Glacier in Antarctica, everything about it is a mystery. A recent research on the phenomenal Antarctica Blood falls has revealed a lot about this apparent bloody stream oozing out of the frozen glacier. Read on to know more about it.

What Causes this Red Color in Antarctica Blood Falls?

Earlier when this place was discovered by Griffith Taylor in 1911, it was considered something paranormal. The red color flowing out of the deep icy realm was referred as blood by many. The first scientific clarification of the bloody water fall was related to algae. According to scientists, it was the algae in the water, that was causing the water to appear in a colored form. But later, when a closer research underwent, a lot of facts were made clearer. The history of this salty lake goes back to million years back. The salt water (because of salty bedrocks all around) of this lake is enriched with iron. When it oxidizes, it gets this brighter looking color. As simple as that.


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What Causes this Blood Falls?

That is the second question that pops in our minds. In such a low temperature, when everything around is frozen, what causes this blood falls in Antarctica? Here is what geologist Erin Pettit told to  Science Daily;

“While it seems counterintuitive, water releases heat as it freezes, and that heat warms the surrounding colder ice.” That is causing the water to keep on flowing all through these years.